Peak Performers: Dental Practice and Personnel Solutions

Welcome to Peak Performers. Since 1991, Peak has consulted in management, human resources, and practice transition services. We have been involved in both a managerial and consultative capacity in the complex issues surrounding dentistry and the process involved in nurturing and developing a growing, healthy practice. In the last several years we have been directly involved as business consultants in many of the finest practices in dentistry.

Staffing and Direct Placement Services

Whether your need is short term, long term or to hire, Peak provides Provisional Team Members in the following positions to keep your practice running smoothly:

Practice Transition Services

Buying or selling a dental practice is often one of the most stressful times in a dentist's career. Peak works to minimize that stress and worry for both parties. For sellers, we will do a complete practice evaluation including setting a fair market value, negotiations of terms as well as accounting and legal assistance. For buyers, we ensure open financial disclosure and a fair market value.

Recruiting and Career Services

We represent highly skilled and qualified temporary and hiring candidates for all positions in dentistry. Since 1991, Peak has matched thousands of dental professionals to employment opportunities which fit their backgrounds, talents and career aspirations.

Practice Management Coaching Services

The "business side" of dentistry is often a challenge for doctors. Peak offers complete services to assist you in building a healthy practice. We are your objective 3rd party in providing valuable feedback for your most pressing concerns. We act as a pipeline of information and best practices from over 1,000 successful dental offices. Most importantly we can be your conduit for change.

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