Temporary Dentist and Dental Staffing

Whether your need is short term or long term, Peak provides Provisional Team Members in the following positions to keep your practice running smoothly:

Hygiene Case Study

Employer of Record

We take the stress and liability out of personnel management. All of our rates are hourly so you never have to share production. Your rate includes all payment of wages, taxes, benefits, workers compensation, malpractice and liability insurance, as well as management of all our employees' performance and wages.

Practice Profile

This profile significantly raises our success ratio for finding qualified candidates for your assignments and is the foundation for providing our Provisional Team Members an extensive orientation to your office. Your personal office profile takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and is done at no charge. Once the profile is completed all that is necessary is a phone call or fax to our office to initiate a staffing request from Peak Performers.

Timely Response

We believe that our service is our reputation. Accordingly, upon placing your request our staff of trained professionals will provide an immediate disposition to your need. We then maintain regular contact with you to meet your ongoing needs.

The Best Bank of Personnel

That's a pretty strong claim, but we know, because of our very thorough screening procedures and the quality of our in-office professionals, only the best applicants are chosen to become Provisional Team Members. Applicants are screened, evaluated for skill and interviewed in-depth for personality traits. Their licenses are verified and they are given an orientation in becoming a Provisional Team Member.