Temporary Dentist

Need a Dentist? Improve your quality of life, enhance the services to your patients and enjoy the financial benefits.

Let Peak give you a hand...

Our highly qualified dentists are available throughout the state for "locum tenens" or interim assignments to help you...

Our personalized and comprehensive office profile ensure the right "fit" between a Peak doctor and your practice. Peak doctors are highly regarded and consistently requested to return for as little as a day, a week, a month—or as long as you have a need.

"I have used Peak for several years and have been very pleased with their services. I have used dentists to work at my office on days I choose to be out. This service allows the office to remain productive. We can have the hygiene patients still have their exams as well as a productive schedule with the dentist. The PEAK dentist has always produced more than the cost to have them there. I have found the dentists to be very competent and I have taken advantage of this service many times."

Paul M. Hanysz, DDS

"I have used Peak's doctor coverage to take some Saturdays off with my family and to keep my patients happy while I'm on vacation. It works for me."

Jeff Daws, DDS

"I enjoy having someone else work the hours I don't want to and also perform more time-consuming procedures..."

Michael Reich, DDS

Relax and Return Revitalized

With a PEAK doctor covering while you're away, you can return to a productive schedule, without the usual headaches from emergencies and non-productive work that has accumulated while you were gone.

For more information about how we can give you a helping hand, please call a PEAK consultant today at 888.477.PEAK (7325)!